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So today I have gone outside of my blogging and work comfort zone and I am not working at home! Over the last few months I have known that I need to start thinking about the future of Social Sparkle and also my new start up MyHappinessProject.

I have worked in a lovely co-working space before and after the news this week that it is closing down I have looked at where else I can go to get my work groove on.

We all know that as freelancers desk space can be quite expensive in Brighton yet also my working at home can have a negative impact on my work/life balance as I get constantly dragged into the washing, hoovering etc needing doing. Some days work at home works and some days it doesn’t.

So come September when the boys are both in nursery 4 days a week I need somewhere to work, meet like minded people and concentrate on just getting the work done!

Platf9rm is in the centre of Brighton in a massive office block called Tower Point. Don’t let the outside leave you feeling grey though as inside it is an interior designers dream. It’s modern, funky and eclectic! Costing from £20 a day or £99 for 40 hours a month (just two lower cost options) the space is ideal if you need to pop you head down or if your feeling the freelancer loneliness!

I picked a quiet (ish) booth style workstation tucked out of the way of the main co-working space. Next to me were 4 phone booth sized rooms that are ideal for private Skype or phone conversations. I did notice that not everyone uses these and it can feel a little odd hearing other peoples business conversations but what is great about Platf9rm is at the moment there are a choice of spaces to reflect privacy or human interaction. Because it is over 2 floors you should be able to find what type of work space and noise reflects your needs on any set day.

I’ll be signing up to come one day a month to get my head down during the next few months and then upgrade to once a week in September. For those who may be unsure you can book in for a tour and then enjoy the rest of the day co-working to try the site out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I even managed to use some of the space to grab a few cool blog photos! I even managed to stretch my legs without a child clinging to them!



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  1. June 27, 2017 / 1:29 pm

    Are you feeling more productive? I know I get more work done without the ping of the washing machine and the sight of a pile of toys in the corner of my eye. I say corner they’re everywhere.

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