Things To Do In May and How To Save Money On Them

At the end of May a few things will be changing for us as one of my bigger work contracts comes to an end. With half term on the horizon it means that I am looking for ways to save money but also concentrate on maintaining some fun into family/home life. I have also been thinking about how to spend some time on my own wellbeing after 2 weeks of what feels like constant illness. Here are the things I am thinking about doing to balance this all out during make and also not spend too much too!

The Brighton Children’s Parade

This event takes place on this saturday and is a great day out. It doesn’t have to be too expensive either – maybe a soft drink and an ice cream during the procession while we look out for Fizz who is taken part this year (proud mum alert).

Picnics on the beach or at the park

Now the weather is brightening up it’s only right that we visit the seaside as it’s right on our doorstep. We make packed lunches for school and so we will be doing the same for beach or park days to save a bit of money too.

Read more!

My online time will be significantly less at the end of this month so I am hoping to read more. I have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited as for £7.99 a month you can loan an unlimited amount of books. You can also look at their £1 selection too if you don’t think you’ll be able to get through too many. You dont have to have a kindle either – a smart phone or a tablet will be able to download their designated app.

Look at voucher code sites

If you’re looking for deals on quick breaks away a quick google with Groupon’s latest deals on activities in Liverpool (replace with the city or area you want to visit obviously) will help you generate some ideas you may not have thought about before whilst also offering some best value discounts to boot.

Switch off!

With half term at the end of the month and the sun on it’s way there is no better time to switch off and get out. I strongly recommend having a bit of a social media detox around the kids holidays (they see, they copy). Think about taking a break from online work and coming back all fresh at the beginning of June with some fresh ideas (and I’ll be honest who wouldn’t love a little real life now and again).

I hope you have a fabulous half term and do let me know what fab things you’ll be getting up to as well!

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