Time-Saving Gadgets For Your Kitchen

The days of slaving away for hours in the kitchen are no longer. Various gadgets have made cooking and preparing food and drinks quicker and easier than ever before. Here are just a few accessories that could save you time in the kitchen.


Every household needs a blender. They can be great for making your own smoothies, soups and shakes, allowing you to quickly use up all those fruits and vegetables at the bottom of the fridge. They can also be used in short bursts to replace a whisk in certain instances (although if you’re making a cake you’re still best sticking to a whisk).  Many modern blenders have multiple intensity settings. Click here to see some of the modern blenders on the market.

Citrus squeezer

Citrus squeezers have long been around and were first used by barmen looking to save time when squeezing fruit into drinks. If you regular make recipes that require squeezing fruit, save the time spent manually squeezing with your hands with this simple contraption.


Mandoline slicer

Finely cutting up vegetables can be a huge chore and can put many people off eating organically. Tools such as the mandoline slicer however have made cutting up vegetables much easier. Like a grater, you simply run the vegetable along the slicer until you have the desired number of shavings. Some mandoline slicers also have multiple cutting settings so that you can decide the size of each slice.

Boiling water tap

There was a time when all water had to be boiled in a saucepan. Electric kettles then sped up the process making it easier to have a cup of tea or coffee. Now the latest advancement is the boiling water tap which allows you to pour boiling hot water straight into a cup. There are many models available – you can click here to look through some of them. Many have safety locks making them suitable to have in households with children.

Salad spinner

Those that like to rustle up salads regularly may benefit from buying a salad spinner. Salad leaves can often go soggy and limp if not properly dried off. These contraptions shake off excess water from vegetables after washing them, so that you don’t have to wait for them to dry. You can compare models online.

Flexible cutting board

Having to scrape vegetable cuttings off a cutting board can be a precarious job. A flexible cutting board can be a handy accessory to have for easily transferring vegetable slices into a pot. Companies such as CaterKwik sell these boards in various colours – useful for commercial kitchens that use various colour boards for health and safety.


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  1. February 8, 2018 / 12:26 pm

    I love most the mandoline slicer gadget.
    I have one, and it’s really do a grate job. I cut all kinds of vegetables with it in few seconds

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