Tips to Zen Your Way To a Calm Family Home

Anyone who has children knows that it isn’t easy to achieve those blissed out, zen filled moments of joy. There’s always one child whose hyperactive, always something going on. However, just because those moments of zen are elusive, doesn’t mean that they can’t happen. You just have to put a little bit of effort in. Below, we take a look at some ways in which you can slowly transform your home into a chilled, relaxing space that everyone can enjoy.


Slow, Steady Progress


To begin with: prepare to start slow and only make steady progress. A zen like family home won’t happen overnight. While you can add a few touches yourself, you’ll have to start slow and eradicate a few bad habits first. Take a look at your family and see which of your habits are least conducive to a calm house. It might be a simple matter of cutting out sugar foods or moving playtime to a different time of day. Make those small changes, and you’ll be on your way.


Techno-Free Zones


Technology has invaded all aspects of our lives, but you probably won’t have realized just how much until you take a step back and see how often you and your family members are using it. To create that chilled out vibe, introduced times and places when technology is not allowed. It could be after 7 pm, or just in one particular room. Doing so will bring an element of calm that can’t be achieved when phones and laptops are buzzing with activity- and will improve sleep, too..


Bring the Outdoors In


It’s scientifically proven that being around nature is good for the soul. Alas, we can’t always be roaming through the woods or swimming in the lake. Instead, bring the outdoors into your home. Have plenty of plants dotted around the house. Invest in the Juwel vision 180 and add a few colorful fish to your living areas (they’ll be much more relaxing than television). Let in as much natural light as possible and, during summer, let in that breeze. Although you can’t always go outdoors, you can make nature a permanent presence in your home.


Setting the Tone


If everyone’s left to their own devices, everything will be chaotic. Set the tone for the home, and everyone will naturally fall into place. Things like lighting candles, playing classical music, and calming activities will all have a knock-on effect on your family members, putting them in a more relaxed, less hurried state of mind.


Pack it Away


There’s only so calm you can feel when you have clutter everywhere. Make it a rule to have everything cleared away. When we have a minimalist home, we have a minimalist mind and less stress. You can make an allowance for some mess, as this makes it feel homey, but generally, space should be clear.


Go With the Flow


Finally, go with the flow. If you’re zen yourself, then your family members will naturally radiate the way you’re acting (just don’t forget to lay down the law every now and again!).


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