Top Tips for a more Harmonous Hallway

With all the children constantly stomping in and out, there is little wonder our hallways can look tired, shabby and a little bit sorry for themselves As our hallways are the first part of our house to welcome us home at the end of the day it’s important that we make sure this space looks as clean, chic and as inviting as possible. So here are our super simple tricks to make sure your hallway looks spick and span and positively inviting at all times.


No More Kicking off Shoes


First things first, the kids have to stop kicking off their shoes and leaving them there for you to trip over. The only way you are going to achieve that is by investing in a shoe and coat wardrobe. Alternatively shoe racks are a great solution for neatly storing away all the family members shoes and outdoor nick nacks. Not only do shoe racks keep your hallway tidy they can also really rev up your morning routine, by ensuring that everyone knows exactly where their shoes are, instead of screeching around the house looking for them every morning.


Coat storage is also a really important item for keeping your hallways looking clear and organised. Smaller hallways can use hangers on the back of the door, or on the wall to make sure you are not taking up any valuable floor space. Larger hallways, of course have more options so if you have more space you can be thinking about larger coat closets and wardrobes where you can store all the family jackets and coats in one tidy and attractive location.


Add Some Bling


Hallways can tend to be a little neglected when it comes to adding really sumptuous and luxurious home items. However as it is the first part of the house we see as we get home, there is no reason that we can’t indulge the space and add a few really special items. Look at adding a big beautiful rustic mirror or a crystal chandelier for extra points on the opulence stakes. Have a look around your hall and look at the areas that could do with livening up with some pieces that will make the space look really special and a pleasure to come home to.




The mats and rugs in our hallways have a pretty hard time of it, with wet and muddy shoes coming in and out all day, every day. Therefore it is imperative that the floor textiles in our hallways are well looked after and we work hard to keep them looking good for as long as possible. You can consider getting your rugs professionally cleaned once in awhile to bring them back to their former glory or you can just replace the ones that are past the point of no return.


A welcome mat is super important in order to keep the rest of our hallways clean. Having a welcome mat means everyone can go someway in cleaning their shoes before entering the house to reduce the amount of outdoor dirt coming into the house.






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