How To Transform A Run Down House Into A Family Home

When you decide to create the perfect home for your family, you’ve often got a lot of different options to consider. Not only could you invest in a ready-made home that’s brand new for you, but you’ve also got the option to build something from scratch, or buy and old property and work to fix it up. Of all three, the latter could be the one that satisfied you the most. There’s just something about taking an old house and giving it a little TLC to turn it into the perfect place to raise a family. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, here’s how to get started.


Make Enough Room


Whether the home you’ve bought is a complete wreck or just a bit run down, you’re going to want to focus on the structure first. Once you’ve had the surveys done and you know that the building is safe and secure, you ought to think about extending it. Extending your home can be an excellent way to make sure you have enough room for the entire family – even if it’s growing. Depending on the style and shape of your home, you could even double it in size.


Strip Everything Back


Then, when the structure is complete, or during the process, you’re going to want to rip out anything that you don’t want. You may find that your builders do a lot of this as a part of the extension process, but if you’re only extending one room or one part of the house, a rip out may still be needed. When you’ve got any empty shell to work with, it can be easier to add your own touch.


Restore The Original Features


When you buy an old home, the charm can often be the reason is hooked you. So, you’re going to want to keep as much of that as you can and restore the rest. It’s not always easy to keep the original features in your home, so alternatives can often help. Take your windows. If you want double glazing instead of single, options like Residence 9 Windows can give you the right look and the best function. Modern alternatives with a classic look can often give you the middle ground you need.


Upgrade The Utilities


You’re also going to need to do something similar with the utilities you have in the home. But, instead of restoring them, you’re probably going to need to replace or upgrade them. The electrics and plumbing in old homes are often outdated. But, by rewiring the place and putting in new pipes, you can rest assured that your home will run as smoothly as you need it to.


Add Your Family Touch


And finally, you’re going to want to give you own personal touch to the once run-down house with you families style of decor. Although the decorating part comes last, it can often be the way that you transform a property into a home. Plus, it’s always the fun part – so go to town and make your new home yours.



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