Ways to enjoy some much deserved alone time

Being a mum has this gorgeous combination of being rewarding and full of love, while also being quite hectic, exhausting and absolutely worth it. Between errands and caring for kids, time can pass quickly and it can be far too easy to forget to take care of yourself between it all. But all of us mums need and deserve to remember that we need to take time for ourselves too, even if only once a week. Our mental state is so crucial for showing up as a mum and as an individual. Everyone has different things they like to enjoy in their alone time. So whatever you may enjoy doing, take the time to do it! 

Here are a few ideas of how to enjoy some much deserved alone time:  

Enjoy a grown-up movie or TV show

I’m sure that we have all spent a fair share of our time watching children’s programmes.. but when did you last watch a grown-up movie or TV show? After putting the kids down, prop your feet up, get cosy, and select something of your choosing. You can just browse through movies and TV shows on uk.chili.com for example, a platform that has tons of content and even new releases. 

Catch up on a good book

Although reading is one of my favourite things to do, it is often the first thing to get put on the back burner as a mum. That means that when some alone time comes around, getting lost in a story and flipping through pages of a book is something truly extra special. 

See friends (& leave the kids at home)

Your kids go on a play dates.. and you deserve to, too! Get a sitter or have your partner watch the kids, and get out to see friends. It is a wonderful way to recharge your energy, let your mind shift back to full adult-mode and nurture your friendships. 

Go to a museum/movie theatre/opera, etc.

Although going the theatre is a fun family activity, it is a different experience with kids in tow. Going to a museum to nurture your mind, enjoying a film at the local theatre, or going for a night out at the opera with friends or your partner are all great activities to do for a night out. 

Work out

Although mums are constantly running around and getting things done, getting a proper work out in and movement focused on taking care of you is very different. If you love doing yoga, Pilates, walking with friends, going to the gym or hiking.. whatever it might be, do it! Release those endorphins, tune in to your body and focus on your health. Your body and mind will thank you for it. 

Be creative (journal, paint, write, etc.)

Everybody has some degree of creativity in them.. and finding an activity to do that enables you let loose and let your creativity flow is an amazing way to spend some alone time. Perhaps you can journal, paint or write.. either alone or take a class. 

Take a long relaxing bath 

At the end of a busy day, a relaxing bath is a dream. Even if you only have 20 minutes, draw up a bath and create a spa-like experience at home for some ultimate relaxation. Light some candles, diffuse some essential oils, make some tea and relax. You deserve it. 

Just be lazy and nap

I think we can all agree that a lack of sleep is quite common for us moms. So if you come up to some alone time? Give yourself complete permission to just be lazy and even work in a nap. 

Taking some time for you may seem like a stretch at times, but it is a must. You’ll feel rejuvenated and recharged afterwards, which will put you in a better space for the time that you are spending with your kids. So take some much deserved alone time.. it will only benefit you and your family!  


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