Weekly Reflection 

Each week I’ll be sharing a weekly update on what life is really like here. Each moment creates a ripple, a reflection on our hearts. These may not always be positive but I learn from them and hope it by doing so it creates a better environment for our family.

Lifestyle Changes  

This week I’ve tried to listen to more music. It’s a little hard not to rely on kids TV especially when you’ve got 3 little ones at home with various illness. Music is good for the soul though so even if it’s for 15 minutes I’m trying to introduce more into my daily routine. Dancing before school was a big hit this week! I think we will bring this in a little bit more now. 

Pausing to enjoy life 

Sometimes it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the daily routine. Suddenly it’s fast approaching the end of the year. The year has been hard in terms of balancing a third baby, a return to work, the boys starting nursery and a brand new brilliant job. It’s bound to affect a relationship a lot. We don’t get much time together alone, let alone when we’re feeling wide awake. It was so nice to have a midweek pause and enjoy a lunch out together. 

Also I’ve decided to put one of my blogs on hold while I decide what I want to do. This site has always been my more personal site and as the kids get older I struggle to write about them because basically each second with them is precious and want to be there for them rather than thinking about reviews or blog worthy photos. My life has revolved around sharing them a bit too much. It’s undertandable that especially as they get older we want to hold back a little bit more too. 

Creating Me Time

Now we all know this ones a toughie! There’s not many moments I’m just all about me. I have a twice monthly (sometimes weekly) train journey to London for a new role a took on a few months ago. I thought to begin with I’d work on the commute but as internet connection is pretty much non existent on the journey I’ve started to read instead. This means 2 hours of drifting away into a book. It’s fabulous and that time away from the kids and work life means a total switch off to do something I love and don’t get to do very often at home. 

So in reflection it’s been a tough week but we’ve managed to pick up on some great moments too. What’s been your best and worst moment this week? What have you learnt from it? 


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