A Review of the Pizza Express Christmas Menu

Last week we were invited to pop along to Pizza Express to test the Christmas menu. With all the kids in childcare we headed down to Brighton Marina to sample the festive menu without having to worry about food fights and meltdowns.

We had an early booking at 12:30pm but having arrived 30 minutes early that didn’t phase the staff. Instead they got me a coffee and cleared our table down so I could work before meeting Gav. Filter coffee gets top marks! It’s hard to find good decaf while out but theirs was nice. 


I went for the Terrina Festa. This portion size was very generous and I couldn’t finish it all. It was really fresh and tasty. It was a little chilly but to be honest that really didn’t matter. Along with the warm bread is was a lovely starter.


I went for the festive menu again when choosing the pizza. The Porchetta Natale is a Christmas delight on a pizza. I wasn’t sure it would work so well but the chef, Tom, gave the balance just the right touch. The pizza was large, toppings generous and just right! 

While we were waiting for dessert we were offered a glass of Fizz. Who doesn’t like one when celebrating! The prosecco with Chambord was lovely and light and topped off with a fresh raspberry.

We were also given baubles to decorate and Steve our host came and talked us through the menu and the inspiration behind it. His pride in the restaurant and his staff evident in his chat with us as was his care in the customer  experience.

Usually you see a difference in staff when you go to review a restaurant but in this case every customer to the restaurant was treated exactly the same by the staff.


We went for different dessert from the Christmas menu. We shared a Panettone cheesecake and Jaffa profiteroles. The Panettone was such a large portion and was quite heavy for a desert so is definitely a sharer if you’re that way inclined. 

I think the profiteroles were our favourite dessert the chocolate mouse was light but creamy and the Zest of orange just right. It was a brilliant desert! 

The Verdict!  
We really enjoyed the festive menu as well as our dining experience. The food was well thought out and tasty. Who would’ve thought you could literally find Christmas on a pizza! We will be heading back before the festive menu finishes in early January! 


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