Why We All Need A Passion Project

Why We All Need A Passion Project

Over the years I have flitted from place to place. When I became a mother it felt like all my creativity was lost. A newborn to look after, I often didn’t prioritise my creative self and after 3 years of parenthood I was completely lost. Mornings walking around shops, lunches in coffee shops and a reluctance to communicate with anyone about myself.

I now have 3 children and you would think now I would be more lacking in time. However after being diagnosed with PND when my third was six months old I gradually started to prioritise having time for me. It had a knock on affect as I became more productive in other areas of my life. When people say I have my hands full – I do but I also know when to step back and let my children have more independent time. I don’t hover like I did with my first born and more often then not I am not their entire world.

Passion projects like this blog have been my saviour in this.

So why do we all need a passion project?

Well for me I was creative before being a parent. Years before I met my husband I enjoyed photography, I wrote poetry and together we explored the music scene. He had his band and his music to envelope his creativity. Once our daughter was born we both pushed that aside. I think we need to remember that our exploration of life and our passions help us with our emotions – I can tell for instance if Gav hasn’t picked up a guitar in ages the same as he probably knows when I need to pick up a book or write a blog.

Creativity breeds creativity. The more your passion project evolves it will open new doors to new possibilities. Once I set the creative wheels in motions last November I also gained more writing work, I gained online friendships – my connections with others and talking more freely came. I tried distance reiki and it opened up so much for me – I can tell I need to book in with my Reiki lovely Wild Samsara again.

I have started to gain confidence – for me my passion project is writing and writing for me – in fact this started with reading more and immersing my self ready to be creative. My imagination was tested with fiction and all kinds of books – one of my fave was Code Red by Lisa Lister.

I have also learned to listen to my body. It’s restless and wakeful cycles. When I don’t feel like writing. It has opened me to explore moon cycles and part of the reason I named this magazine.

All in all a passion project like no other for me, my passion project is all about me, as it should be. Because life is too short to not enjoy and understand.

Tell me about your passion project!



  1. May 7, 2019 / 11:00 am

    I think we all need a passion project, something for us to do away from everyday life x

  2. May 7, 2019 / 11:14 am

    Totally agree with this, I think mothers in particular need to make sure they make time to do something they love, I’ve Definitely been happier since starting my passion project!

  3. May 7, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    Totally agree with you, it is all too easy to be consumed by the day-to-day and lose our passions/creative sparks. I recently treated myself to a Cricut craft machine and have been getting into Vinyl art and paper craft. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited by a hobby. It also gives me a reason to blog which has made me more enthusiastic to write again overall.

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