You’ve Done The Spring Clean, Now It’s Time For Some Autumn Maintenance

We take great pride in our humble abodes. They are our sanctuary, the place where we feel most comfortable, and the space where we build happy memories with our families. It doesn’t matter what size your home is, the stresses and strains of life can get in the way of its general upkeep. How many times this year have you had a particularly manic week at work only to find that you haven’t done any clothes washing and the basket is fit to bursting? This is why every year during spring time, we take a step back, reassess and embark on a mammoth cleaning session to reset the equilibrium of our pads. But what about home maintenance? This can often get overlooked, and before you know it, you have a to do list as long as your arm and a financial outlay looming over your head. Like with your annual clean, you should consider an annual home maintenance check. Take a look at these areas to help get you started.


It’s vital that your windows are draught proof and don’t lend themselves to condensation build up. There is nothing worse than spotting that nasty looking speckled black mould growing internally around your double glazing. Take a look at your windows, clear the mould and reseal if necessary. This is generally a quick job that you can do yourself which will maintain your windows for longer and save you money on your heating bills.


Now and then, you should head under your sink to check the stopcock and venture up into the bathroom to check your pipework. If you notice a leak, it’s vital that you call a professional who deals with a wide range of plumbing services immediately to get it fixed. You don’t want that little drip of a leak to become a gushing waterfall. Sorting the problem early will be cheaper and less hassle than putting it off and risking some serious damage to your home.

Check Your Home’s Safety

You should have smoke alarms, and maybe even a carbon monoxide monitor fitted as standard in your home. It’s vital that you check these periodically to ensure that they still emit their piercing screech if they need to notify you of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. If you have a burglar alarm, ensure that you don’t put off the yearly check up by your provider and report any problems as and when they arise.


We tend to take for granted the safety of our electrics, and while difficult to assess, you should ensure that you stick to some key guidelines. Don’t overload plug sockets or extension cords with too many appliances as you risk overloading the electrics leading to a tripped fuse box. If you are concerned about any appliance or if any electrical device or plug socket spark, it pays to call an electrician out for peace of mind and get your devices PAT tested to ensure they are safe to use.

Now that autumn is upon us, set aside some time to check the maintenance of your property and fix any issues that may arise so you can continue to enjoy your family home.



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