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Ante Natal Class

Last Monday me and Gav attended a three hour ante natal class. Let me tell you three hours is a massive length of time when you feel like a whale and can’t get comfortable and one of you has a had a busy day at work.

I have to say the class was really informative and explained the labour and breastfeeding. Unfortunatley a mega three hour class didn’t seem enough and I think it would have been ideal spread over a few weeks. I did find my attention (which isn’t the best attention span right now) fading.

Gav found the class really helpful as now he can see what I’ll be going through and how to help. However the class for me left me with a increasing nervousness of what will be happening to my body, surely I can cocoon this little one forever!

In all seriousness though it made me a little scared of giving birth and yet still let me feeling empowered that I am intending to give birth at home.

Did antenatal class help you? Let me know.