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Decorating a nursery

Nursery decorating is a wonderful thing…if only I could help out with it.

My sister started the sanding on the nursery last week and from Saturday will be spending a lovely ten days with me taking me past my due date. Hopefully the baby will arrive on time as she is also my birth partner, along with my husband.

So the decision was taken that since Carrot’s due date is 4th December and will be sleeping in our room for the first few months that leaving the nursery until around my due date would be welcome distraction as I am bound to get more and more fed up with not being able to move properly. I can point at where I want things, lay out clothes and more importantly feed Jo with tea and jaffa cakes.

This is really to show you the process of decoration from start to finish. I wonder what you all think of our choices when I show the finished room.

Let me know!