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Give me the Drugs?

After being offered poppers at Pride by a complete stranger, much to the amusement of Gav (I’ll get a sale from the pregnant lady and not the husband) I am looking into the prospect of what happens with drugs being offered in labour.

I have read so much yet the only experiences I have been told of have been by a couple of people I know that have gone through labour in the past two years.

Everyone seems to recommended gas and air as a pain relief, a few have had pethadine. How do you decide what is best for you and baby? Do you just wait and on the day scream for drugs or do birthing plans really work?

Gas and air seem to give people a bit of a high yet it makes me think of laughing gas. I worry if this will make me laugh so much that I’ll miss something.

I wonder whether drugs will be good for the baby, will she be knocked out for a few days? Will she feel contentment and is she less likely to be stressed.

The research continues as my hippy ideal would be for it to be all natural with no drugs. But would my pain threshold cope?

More questions than answers!