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I’d Love A Private Room During My Maternity Ward Stay

I had a chance interaction on Twitter about postnatal wards and how long a partner get to stay with their new bundle of joy and mum on the ward. It seems there are quite a few parents who got kicked out of the postnatal unit when mum got transferred to the ward or baby didn’t arrive during visiting hours.

I remember for the birth of our daughter, Gav was able to stay with me until I was transferred to the postnatal ward from recovery. He got to stay til 7.30am and then was sent on his way to freshen up. This was 4 hours after our daughter was born and only because we were ‘lucky enough’ to be the only couple in recovery after our emergency c-section. This was after a traumatic birth where both of us were still trying to fathom out what happened to us.

In our hospital it seems to have slightly changed though. Dads or partners can be on the ward from 9am until 9pm, and so can siblings. However if you are ‘lucky enough’ or can afford to pay for a private room on the ward, dad can stay overnight.

This seems like such a big deal to me now, and although we have two children already I really do love this idea that Gav could stay if we had childcare overnight. It makes for brilliant bonding with baby, and for mum and her partner to figure out their way straight from the start, with a safe space to bond in those very first hours of parenthood. One Born Every Minutes shows the private rooms available for delivery, but what happens in the glow of a new day when baby has arrives? They never show dad/partner being kicked out, and mum weeping because she hasn’t got a clue to what has happened after the biggest support she has is suddenly told to bugger off.