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The baby is still in there!

So two more weeks from Friday and I am now getting to the point where I want our baby in front of me. My hips are aching, heartburn is horrendous. I am now more or less having a little cry every day at the most silly things.

All my bags are packed ready for the birth, hopefully at home but you never know. The closer the day gets the more nervous I get about motherhood. As much as I want this baby there is some element of how we’ll cope and whether we’ll take to parenthood naturally.

Our little Carrot is 2/5’s into my pelvis now and don’t I know it. Sometimes it feels like I am sitting on knitting needles and she is trying to escape in a superman style pose. She is starting to get ready to come but the uncertainty of when and if I’ll be ready for it is great. Maternity sheets are now on the bed in case my waters break in the night, which makes me feel like a small child that wets the bed.

Nerves anyone?


Let me know how you’re coping or have coped at this late stage.