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Would You Microchip Your Child?

Well was your answer to that question an easy answer or did you have to take time to think?

Unusually I flicked to This Morning today to hear the comment ‘we should microchip our children like pets’. This was in relation to a discussion about missing boy Ben Needham.

After seeing lots of news coverage about missing children over the past few years (I think being a parent has made me more sensitive to it) it genuinely is a practical question that is on the lips of many a parent. Maybe we have joked about it, maybe it is a serious consideration.

For me my first reaction to the comment was shock. Do we need to treat out children like pets? Fizz has left my side in shops on 2 scary situations. Seconds felt like minutes and calling her name got a simple reply back to me. Was scary enough though. But would I chip her just  case of an incident that hasn’t happened yet or may never do so.

No I wouldn’t.

For me it feels intrusive. If we talk about chips I think of under the skin. I won’t pierce Fizz’s ears because it is her body and her choice. In a way I would feel like I am dis-repecting her, her body. I am still thinking about a piece I read about a piece on Diary of a First Child where she discusses a child valuing their body and not to insist a a child giving out cuddles and kisses. They need to be in control of their body and on their terms. It discusses the future effects of this. Really interesting read – sorry to divert from the subject slightly. But it’s really important for my child to know what happens to her body is her choice. By micro chipping I feel like I’m telling her I have control. 

How will it affect parenting? Will we become lazy parents? The other view I have is if this is available will that mean we will become more relaxed? Let a child out of out sight for a little longer?

Do we need to ‘track’ our children? There will be parents that take this to the extreme. Recently Gordon Ramsey admitted bribing his son to place a camera in his teenage daughters bedroom. Invasion of privacy much? It is. 

Will some parents become obsessive on how this chip is used? 

Will it actually stop kidnapping or abuse? If a person is intent on doing this would it really deter them?

What are the options and should this really be one?