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Food Review // The Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton

Last Sunday we were invited to go to The Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton. The last time we had gone for a meal there was a date night a few years ago when I was pregnant with the youngest. I still lust over that Sea Bass with yoghurt now!

Recently the cafe has had a makeover and updated their menu with a new children’s menu. We were keen to see what Curry Leaf Cafe has in store for us especially as a family of 5 we can find it difficult to dine out for a reasonable amount of cash. 

So did we all eat for less than £50?

The new children’s menu is £5 per head with a choice of fish, chicken and aubergine dishes. Included is a very large portion of naan or rice, poppadom, yogurt and mint dip and an accompanying curry sauce. The portion was super large and definitely could happily fill an adult up! After the kids were able to choose a dessert of salted caramel or black coconut ice-cream or a mango sorbet. All included in the price.

Children’s drinks were an additional £1 – the kids loved the cafes signature Mango Lassi!

Total cost for the kids: £18

The new adults menu is also amazing. Lots of street food and thali options. I found it difficult to choose as there were so many amazing options – there was a varied price range which means they can cater o a set budget easily.

Gav went for an open naan bread called Fish Mancurian – £9.75 and I went for the Lucknow Lamb Curry Thali £12. Both of us couldn’t finish our meals and I think we could’ve easily shared the Thali! However we were offered a doggy bag to take all the uneaten food home which was a great touch!

I couldn’t resist a Mango Lassi (I think around £3) and Gav went for the Bedlam Pisner £3.

Total Cost for the grown ups: £27.75

So our total bill came to £45.75 which is a family reasonable price per head at less than £10! Like I said the portions were huge so even though we went for lunch this would easily be our main meal of the day. The kids all enjoyed it and said they’d be back again. 

The staff were also so lovely and attentive without being overbearing. They were happy to chat to us and the children which I always think is a sign of a good team when there isn’t any awkwardness around the children.

We will definitely be going back again and next week check out my instagram because the lovely team have given me a family meal to giveaway!

You can find the Brighton Lanes Menu here: