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A Quick Ode To Mums

mother with baby on couch
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It’s really ok to start the day wondering how you’ll get through

It may be 5am but there is already so much to do

You pack up the lunches, hair goes in bunches

Under your feet the lego crunches

You grab a quick wash and scrape back your hair

In the hope that no one at the school gate will stare

It’s tough sometimes being a mum

It’s never quiet, there’s a constant hum   There’s 5 minutes to spare, is that a mistake?

Do you shower, or sleep or just eat cake?

Then there’s breast or bottle, always a debate

And yes some other mums just like to hate

But I say to you all before you start to judge

Have you ever felt like you are walking through sludge?

Have you ever felt a little bit lonely or down

That your smile feels like it’s sometimes a frown

It’s fine to just do what you feel like I say

Because around the corner there’s a better day 

I say to you all do what you need to get done 

But really what matters most is your home’s full of fun