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Dressing In Black

For me, like many women, dressing in black is a conscious decision. For me –  it’s just normal everyday wear. It is supposed to be slimming, hides lumps and bumps (lies). But this week dressing in black has started to be something I am pondering about a little more.

My Nan was due to turn 80 next month. Sadly she passed away last week and we are a family coming together in our grief. I don’t want to write more than that on such a personal event. But the aftermath of this has caused me to think about the colour black and more importantly dressing my 3 year old daughter in it.

For anyone that knows or has seen my daughter, Fizz, they know she is not the dress in black kinda girl that her mother is. And *fact* (well in my head) kids should never be seen in fully black outfits because life should be colourful and fun and we should play dress up every day if we can. Until you have a funeral to attend. How hard can it be to find something black for a child, got to be easy, right?

Wrong, I spent 3 hours searching for a black yet appropriate outfit for my 3 year old. And all this after speaking of death as a sad yet a time of celebrating someone special. Yes…I know my going to live in the stars analogy of the afterlife may at some point not look so cool when we are faced with a less peaceful experience.

So after hours of trawling and helpful friends I finally found a friend who had something appropriate for Fizz and yet still bought her a plain black frock too. Why a dress? For some reason that is what my brain settled on for Fizz to wear.


I have also bought black boots for us both (buying wellies was due to happen soon and I invested in some matching patent DM’s for us both).

But you know what – what I am now thinking is why do we dress in black to mourn. Why should a 3 year old dress in black.

This time we are watching out for those pink tights….death is a time to reflect, grieve and celebrate. Black and pink reflects a bit of both.